Are you doing research, hacking or playing with any of the infrastructure behind the Haskell ecosystem? Come to the Haskell Implementers' Workshop and tell us about it!

The Haskell Implementers' Workshop is a new workshop that will be held along side ICFP and the Haskell Symposium this summer in Edinburgh.

It's not just for compiler hackers! We also want to hear from people writing tools or libraries, people with cool ideas for directions in which we should take the platform, proposals for new features to be implemented, and half-baked crazy ideas. The aim is to get the people involved with building the whole infrastructure together to share ideas, experiences, and ask for feedback from fellow experts.

So think about what you've been working on recently, is there something about it that you would like to share or get feedback on? Perhaps you've got a great idea or even something to complain about! You've now got two weeks to think of something and send us a title and a short abstract of your talk. See the call for talks for more details.

It's going to be a relatively informal affair, there will be no proceedings, though with the speakers' permissions we hope to video the talks and make any slides available.