We are happy to announce

In each episode, we will discuss technical topics around programming in Haskell. Topics range from beginner-friendly to advanced and—once in a while—esoteric.

We encourage audience participation! During the episodes, we will monitor the YouTube chat and try to address questions and comments you submit there. We are also open for feedback and topic suggestions by email at unfolder@well-typed.com.

At this point, we are announcing the first two episodes. We will announce subsequent episodes and their time slots on YouTube and on Twitter.

Episode 1: unfoldr

Wednesday, 19 April 2023, 1830 UTC (11:30 am PDT, 2:30 pm EDT, 7:30 pm BST, 20:30 CEST)

In the first episode, to honour the name of our show, we will take a look at the unfoldr function and discuss how it works and how it can be used. This episode should be suitable for everyone interested in Haskell, including beginners.

Episode 2: quantified constraints

Wednesday, 3 May 2023, 1830 UTC (11:30 am PDT, 2:30 pm EDT, 7:30 pm BST, 20:30 CEST)

In this episode, we will discuss the QuantifiedConstraints language extension. For this episode we will assume familiarity with type classes. An understanding of type families will be helpful for a part of the episode, but is not a requirement.

All episodes will be available for watching after the stream. We hope to see many of you live and appreciate any feedback you might have.