Today, 2023-12-06, at 1930 UTC (11:30 am PST, 2:30 pm EST, 7:30 pm GMT, 20:30 CET, …) we are streaming the 16th episode of the Haskell Unfolder live on YouTube.

The Haskell Unfolder Episode 16: monads and deriving via

In this episode, we’ll see how deriving-via can be used to capture rules that relate type classes to each other. As a specific example, we will discuss the definition of the Monad type class: ever since this definition was changed back in 2015 in the Applicative Monad Proposal, instantiating Monad to a new datatype requires quite a bit of boilerplate code. By making the relation between “classic monads” and “new monads” explicit and using deriving-via, we can eliminate the boilerplate.

About the Haskell Unfolder

The Haskell Unfolder is a YouTube series about all things Haskell hosted by Edsko de Vries and Andres Löh, with episodes appearing approximately every two weeks. All episodes are live-streamed, and we try to respond to audience questions. All episodes are also available as recordings afterwards.

We have a GitHub repository with code samples from the episodes.

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