I am happy to be able to announce that starting today and continuing over the next few weeks, we are going to make the materials that our “Introduction to Haskell” course is based on available for free.

The course is structured into six parts:

  • Part 1: Introduction (available now)
  • Part 2: Datatypes and Functions (available now)
  • Part 3: Higher-Order Functions (will probably be released 2024-06-14)
  • Part 4: Parametric Polymorphism and Overloading (will probably be released 2024-06-21)
  • Part 5: IO and Explicit Effects (will probably be released 2024-06-28)
  • Part 6: Monads (will probably be released 2024-07-05)

Each part consists of prerecorded videos (hosted on YouTube) that convey the concepts of the Haskell language, accompanying slides, self-test questions and programming exercises.

We are also offering paid versions of this course which come with support: you get individual reviews for all the assignments and and the opportunity to ask questions about the course, via chat or video calls. Also, the videos of the paid version are hosted on Vimeo (advertisement-free) instead of YouTube. If you are interested in this, please contact us at info@well-typed.com.

Unfortunately, this free version of the course comes without any such support. That being said, if you encounter mistakes, or any problems with the course site, or want to provide any kind of feedback, you are most welcome to contact us at feedback@well-typed.com.

Check out the course homepage for further information.