Haskell Consultancy

Well-Typed are specialists in Haskell, but generalists in application area, so we work with a wide range of business clients across many industries, as well as with academics engaged in cutting-edge computer science research. We support them with a range of services:

  • Haskell software development. From small prototypes to large multi-year projects, we develop applications and libraries that take advantage of Haskell’s strengths, or that interface with existing code implemented in other languages such as C, C#, Java and JavaScript.

  • Consulting, advice and code review. With our experience of Haskell tools, libraries and development techniques, we can help get your projects on the right track from the start, or review your existing design and code to identify problems and make recommendations to use Haskell effectively.

  • Testing. We advise on designing code to be effectively tested, and are experts in the use of techniques such as property-based testing and state-machine testing.

  • Performance tuning. We can help you understand and optimise the performance characteristics of your code, in particular where it depends on low-level details of the GHC runtime system.

  • Open-source development and maintenance. We maintain the Glasgow Haskell Compiler on behalf of a number of sponsors, and we can develop specific features for clients. We are also keen open source contributors.

  • Training. We offer a range of Haskell training courses with practising Haskell experts, and can advise on a custom training programme for your company.

Working With Us

  • Remote-first. Well-Typed has clients around the world, including many in Europe and the United States. We do the majority of our work remotely, so we can work with you regardless of where your company is located. Short on-site visits can be arranged to kick-start a project or deliver training. We can work with an existing in-house Haskell team if you have one, or independently if not.

  • A team of experts. One or more of our consultants will be directly assigned to your project, but will have the support from all of Well-Typed as we work in a team, so you will get access to those who have the relevant expertise in Well-Typed.

  • Flexible projects. We are flexible and work to suit our clients’ needs. You do not need to commit to a large contract up front, as we are happy to consider short engagements, although longer engagements typically allow us to offer lower rates.

Email info@well-typed.com to let us know what you are looking for.