Tobias Dammers

Haskell Consultant

Based inThe Hague, Netherlands

Tobias started programming at age 12, learned about a dozen programming languages, before encountering his favorite, Haskell, in 2010. After graduating as a musician in 2004, he has worked as a software developer in diverse industries, including transportation, information security, web application development, hosting / infrastructure, and digital forensics. Current interests include compilers and language design, DSLs, web frameworks, information security, usability / user experience, human communication, software quality, developer productivity and programming psychology.

Tobias is a vivid supporter of Open Source, and an active member of the Haskell community, authoring and maintaining a number of packages including Ginger, a Haskell implementation of the popular HTML templating language Jinja, and Sprinkles, a declarative “zero-programming” website development framework.