What Our Customers Are Saying About Us

We hired Well Typed to produce some software for us. They were meticulous in understanding our requirements and committed to delivering on time.

— Paul Johnson, Software assurance specialist at NATS

They have the ability to explain difficult concepts in a clear, easily understandable way. We had a group with various backgrounds and many people commented on how wonderful it was to have an instructor who had both an extremely deep understanding of the material, and also had a unique ability to effortlessly pass from topic to topic while they conveyed their knowledge to everyone. We got what we wanted and more from the Haskell training workshop with Well-Typed and we are already planning the next one.

— Adam Drake, Chief Data Scientist and Director of Engineering at Zanox

The insight they brought about how to think in Haskell was great and something that would be very difficult to get from a book or online.

— Anonymous

The Parallel GHC Project has enabled us to make steady progress towards our goals. Well-typed has provided support in the form of best practice recommendations, general engagement with the project, and directly coding up key components.

I have been getting lots of help from Well-Typed, and enjoy our weekly meetings.

— Finlay Thompson, Dragonfly

We challenged Well-Typed to provide training to a group of software engineers working on a research project that involves programming language and operating system design and implementation.

The Well-Typed consultants arrived well prepared and flexible. Even though our group had a wide range of backgrounds – some involving functional programming but others not – Well-Typed was able to get everyone up to speed with a combination of excellent materials, clear presentations, and exercises with one-on-one coaching. The presenters were able to tailor the presentation in real time according to our needs and interests, and we covered an enormous amount of material in a short amount of time.

Our group emerged well prepared for professional software development in Haskell. We very much appreciated the effort that Well-Typed put into tailoring the training to our particular needs.

— Greg Sullivan, defense contractor

Ian has done a fantastic job of maintaining the GHC compiler for a large and demanding community of Haskell developers and compiler hackers. He is diligent and knowledgeable, and I trust his judgment.

— Andy Gill, former Technologist at Galois