We’re happy to support the Haskell Foundation in planning a workshop for new GHC contributors on 7th-9th June. Workshop registration has now closed, but you can still register to attend ZuriHac on 10th-12th June!

This is the seventeenth edition of our GHC activities report, which describes the work on GHC and related projects that we are doing at Well-Typed. The current edition covers roughly the months of February and March 2023. You can find the previous editions collected under the ghc-activities-report tag.

We are delighted that Hasura have recently started sponsoring our GHC maintenance work, building on our long-running collaboration on Haskell tooling. Many thanks to them and to the other sponsors, Juspay and GitHub via the Haskell Foundation. In addition, Mercury are funding specific work on improved performance for GHC, HLS and related projects. We are also grateful to our past sponsors, including Microsoft Research and IOG.

However, some of our sponsorship agreements are coming to an end and we need more sponsorship to sustain the team! If your company might be able to contribute funding to ensure that we can continue this valuable work, please read about how you can help or get in touch.

Of course, GHC is a large community effort, and Well-Typed’s contributions are just a small part of this. This report does not aim to give an exhaustive picture of all GHC work that is ongoing, and there are many fantastic features currently being worked on that are omitted here simply because none of us are currently involved in them in any way. Furthermore, the aspects we do mention are still the work of many people. In many cases, we have just been helping with the last few steps of integration. We are immensely grateful to everyone contributing to GHC!

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