This year, Well-Typed is delighted to support both the GHC Contributors’ Workshop and ZuriHac.

GHC Contributors’ Workshop

The GHC Contributors’ Workshop organised by the Haskell Foundation is taking place from 7–9 June 2023. This is a great chance to learn about GHC development from the experts! In-person registration is closed, but you can participate online by registering here by 5th June.

Several of the Well-Typed team will be presenting at the event and are looking forward to welcoming you at the workshop:

  • Ben Gamari will be speaking on the GHC runtime system (RTS),
  • Duncan Coutts on how GHC interfaces with Cabal and the Haskell tooling ecosystem,
  • Sam Derbyshire on GHC’s frontend and in particular the Renamer, and
  • Zubin Duggal on Haskell Language Server.


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