Sometimes OS-reported memory usage might be quite different to the live data in your Haskell program. In a couple of previous posts we’ve explored some reasons for this and shown how ghc-debug can help pinpoint fragmentation problems.

In GHC 9.2 I have made two improvements which should make the memory usage reported by long-running applications more closely line up with the amount of memory they need.

  1. By default a lot of extra memory was retained (up to 4 times the amount of live data). Now idle collections will start to return some of that memory configured by the -Fd option. (!5036)
  2. Allocation of pinned objects was causing fragmentation of the nursery which could lead to the nursery retaining a lot of memory. (!5175)

In the rest of this post I will explain how to estimate the memory usage of your program based on its amount of live data and provide some more detail about the new -Fd option.

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