Alfredo Di Napoli

Haskell Consultant

Based inRome, Italy

Alfredo discovered Haskell in 2010, while soul-searching for a functional programming language which was able to express solutions to problems succinctly, while retaining strong typing and performance. His explorations led him to disregard the standard Object-Oriented curricula of his university and after graduating with honours in 2012 from Roma Tre University he went on a mission to work with Haskell professionally, which he has been doing since 2013.

During those years Alfredo worked on a wide variety of projects, spanning from building fault-tolerant video-transcoding clusters, developing blockchains and engineering Pagerank-like algorithms for assigning value to entities in huge social graphs, as well as authoring and contributing to several Haskell libraries.

When not programming, Alfredo can be found running and exercising outside, or playing (badly) one of his many guitars.

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