Open Source

GHC maintenance

We have an established team maintaining the Glasgow Haskell Compiler, led by Ben Gamari. Check out GHC posts on our blog for details of our recent activity.

Ongoing maintenance work and GHC release management is funded by several companies who are willing to invest in making GHC and Haskell better for everyone. We are very grateful on behalf of the whole Haskell community for the support these companies provide.

Our GHC expertise means we are well placed to implement new features and tools on behalf of clients. Recently these have included:

If your company might be able to contribute funding to GHC maintenance in general, or you need a specific GHC feature implemented, please get in touch.

Open source contributions

In addition to our core work on GHC, we are keen open source contributors, and between us we have authored and maintain many open source Haskell libraries and tools, including many contributions to Cabal, cabal-install and Hackage. A few examples of projects we developed or significantly contributed to include:

We offer special rates for work on open-source projects, so if you would like to commission work on a new library or enhancements to an existing one, just drop us a line.

Standing on the shoulders of giants

The Haskell toolchain is the result of years of work by hundreds of people, all of it openly shared. As individuals and as a company we believe in that spirit of openness. We see it as part of our mission to help make Haskell great. We want to help maintain a strong Haskell community and an excellent software development platform.

We try to do this in a number of ways:

Check out Haskell community posts on our blog for more about our activities.