Sam Derbyshire

Haskell Consultant

Based inLuz Saint Sauveur, France

Sam first encountered Haskell as an undergraduate at the University of Warwick, using it to test the validity of conjectures in number theory. After completing his Master of Mathematics at Warwick in 2011, and his PhD in p-adic Hodge theory at King’s College London in 2017, he decided to pursue Haskell programming, and wrote the FIR graphics shader EDSL. Since then, he’s been an active contributor to GHC, with a speciality in its type system and typechecking plugins.

Sam is passionate about teaching and pedagogy, loves creating diagrams to explain things visually, and has contributed many mathematical illustrations to Wikipedia.

Besides programming and mathematics, Sam enjoys skiing in the Pyrenean mountains where he lives. He plays jazz bass, as well as traditional Japanese music on the shakuhachi.

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